Get Netflix USA in Australia

Our method is working despite the Netflix war on geo-dodgers.

The Australian verison of Netflix has 1,000 odd titles. The Netflix USA version has 9,000 odd titles. Did you know your Aussie Netflix account can actually access all of those glorious Netflix USA titles too? And it is an easy, 5 minute process to get into the motherland.

Basically you use a VPN, which is a nerdy way of saying "you make your connection look like it's in America". We've found a service that still works despite the recent Netflix crack down. For the non tech heads it's simple. Just create an account with Express VPN and follow their easy set-up guides.

This will allow you to set your location as the USA and unlock all of the great content there using your normal Aussie Netflix account. Free trial as well so you can test it, see if you like it and there's no cost involved. Enjoy!

Best way to watch USA Netflix

*confirmed working as of April 29, 2017:

Get Netflix USA in Australia Now!
(with ExpressVPN)

Try it risk-free for 30 days!

How To Get American Netflix?

If you’ve made your way to this page then you probably already have the Aussie version of Netflix right? And now you want to know how to get American Netflix because you’ve heard how the US version has about 10 times the content as the Aussie one.

Yes you are making the right move trying to get access to the American version of Netflix, and the good news it really is easy as all hell to go ahead and do just that. You’ll be up and running in five minutes with the following steps:

  • Create an Express VPN account – this is a “DNS redirection” service. Basically, that means it makes your internet connection appear as if it’s in America. There is a free trial so it’s risk-free.
  • Create a Netflix account if you don’t have one already – free trial with these guys too. If you have an Aussie Netflix account then just use this one.
  • Follow the easy set-up guides on the Express VPN site or on this site.
  • Enjoy the infinitely more massive library of content available on the American version Netflix.

That’s all there is to it. Netflix has an absolutely massive library of content due to the deals they have signed all around the world. They then slice and dice access depending where in the world they detect you are connecting to them from. The reality is however that your one Netflix account can access absolutely all of it if you use a DNS redirection service.

It really is as simple as that. The Express VPN service is fantastic as it is essentially like a remote control for your Netflix, except this remote allows you to easily and quickly change your location to appear as if you’re in a huge range of different countries. No annoying content laws or geo-blocking is going to be able to stop you now!