Get Netflix USA in Australia

Our method is working despite the Netflix war on geo-dodgers.

The Australian verison of Netflix has 1,000 odd titles. The Netflix USA version has 9,000 odd titles. Did you know your Aussie Netflix account can actually access all of those glorious Netflix USA titles too? And it is an easy, 5 minute process to get into the motherland.

Basically you use a VPN, which is a nerdy way of saying "you make your connection look like it's in America". We've found a service that still works despite the recent Netflix crack down. For the non tech heads it's simple. Just create an account with Express VPN and follow their easy set-up guides.

This will allow you to set your location as the USA and unlock all of the great content there using your normal Aussie Netflix account. Free trial as well so you can test it, see if you like it and there's no cost involved. Enjoy!

The best way to watch USA Netflix now:

*confirmed working as of April 2, 2019:

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Netflix USA – Easily Get The US Version of Netflix in Australia

Netflix titles by country

Netflix USA Pie Chart

The local Australian version of Netflix has 1000 titles. That is nothing. Compare it to the US version which has 9,000 titles. The local version is totally watered down thanks to guys like Foxtel and the local versions signing up all the content. The market is totally fragmented, with content split amongst all the different streaming and cable TV operators.

That sucks. But guess what? Your one Netflix account can actually access every title in the American Netflix library. Netflix is a massive service operating in over 100 countries, and they have signed up all of the best movies and tv shows in one region or another. Your account can access this, however they block it using geo-blocking. By using a VPN service like Express VPN you can easily bypass this geo-blocking and watch whatever the hell you want!

There’s a free trial and only takes 5 minutes to set-up! You can switch your region around at the click of a button, so one minute you’ll be watching an awesome movie only available on Netflix USA, and the next you can unlock quality British TV series only available over in the UK. Your Netflix account has access to over 9,000 awesome titles – unblock it today!

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iPad - Get Netflix USA on iPad

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Netflix USA

The lowdown…

One Netflix account can access every single title in their catalogue, you just have to remove the geo-restrictions. Head over to the Express VPN site to create a free trial for the service that unlocks the full power of Netflix USA all around the world!

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How to get American Netflix in Australia

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Head to ExpressVPN and get a subscription to their VPN service. This is the tool that makes your connection look as if its in the USA.
  2. Connect to a server located in the USA
  3. Head back to Netflix and log in. Your content will now be the American library.

That’s the process, in a nutshell.

A Video on How to Get American Netflix in Australia

With Netflix cracking down on the use of VPN and proxy services in Australia to access American Netflix, we figured it might just be easiest to watch a video on how to bypass it.

The video below shows the exact steps to take to get past the block using the process shown on this site:

Why is Netflix blocking American Netflix in Australia?

Yes, Netflix is blocking American Netflix in Australia. But they really don’t want to. That’s what we believe.

For years, Aussies were able to access the American Netflix movie & tv show library very easily.

However, the pressure from the content producers and rights holders was ratcheted up more and more as the popularity of Netflix grew.

In Australia, brands like Foxtel and Stan are hoovering up the rights to movies & tv shows that Netflix has in their library in the USA.

They do not want Aussies accessing it unless they are paying through the nose to do so, so they heap pressure on the content creators who sold them the rights. These content creators then heap pressure on Netflix.

Eventually, Netflix gave in to all this pressure and has attempted to crack down on Australians accessing their American library.

How does Netflix block American content for Australian viewers?

It’s relatively simple.

Every VPN service is running through an IP address. Netflix is keeping an eye out and essentially blacklisting these IP addresses.

This means that if they detect someone requesting access to their content through one of these IP addresses, they get all aggro and display the proxy error message.

The good news is there are billions and billions of IP addresses. The good VPN services are now playing a game of cat and mouse with Netflix. Just as Netflix squashes one IP address, the VPN provider will get it working with another.

About Netflix USA

Netflix has been hailed as one of the pioneers of video on-demand (VOD) streaming of TV series and movies in the USA. Netflix has a presence in several countries, including Australia. However, its smaller collection for the Australian market is hardly gratifying. For this reason, there is a high demand for Netflix USA in Australia.

Netflix started out as a DVD rental service for a flat monthly subscription fee and later tapped the emerging market for VOD in early 2007. VOD is, in simple terms, a video (movie or show) you can watch anytime, without having to wait for it to be aired by the broadcasting company. The frustration of missing a show on TV or being unable to view it in the designated time slot is no longer a problem.

Not only is it on demand viewing, but you can watch your favourite shows on whichever internet connected device you feel most comfortable using. These devices include but are not limited to, smart TV, gaming consoles like Xbox, Media Player, Set-top boxes, Smartphones, Tablets, or your Laptop or Desktop. Basically, any gadget that can be connected to the internet can be used.

Growing Demand for More Videos in Australia

Netflix has gained a lot of popularity and a wide range of subscribers in America, UK, and Europe. Most of them prefer to schedule their TV time according to their own convenience, rather than have a TV channel decide when they can view something. The choice of device you can view you favourite programme on has only increased its appeal to the international viewer.

As mentioned earlier, Netflix has launched its services in Australia only a short time ago. Like any new product launch, the choices available on the Australian Netflix are smaller than in other countries. Its content selection is only a small portion of what is available in the US of A, where Netflix started its operations.

The original Netflix content is however still available on the Australian Netflix. There are about one thousand titles available to the Australian subscriber of Netflix but a lot of viewers prefer to access Netflix USA in Australia.

Get access to a larger choice of videos

To get Netflix USA in Australia is not an insurmountable hurdle. There are various services available that can help in geo-unblocking and make it appear as if you are from the USA. One such service is Express VPN. By subscribing to services such as Unblock-Us, you can get access to a whole range of great titles that are unavailable in Australia currently.

The libraries available to you are not just confined to the American Netflix database. You can switch from one country to another to check out all the amazing titles and choose from a much wider selection.

They charge a nominal fee of approximately $7 per month for their services. Although there are sites that offer IP cloaking services for free, their authenticity and reliability is questionable.


Best way to watch USA Netflix

*confirmed working as of April 2, 2019:
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