American Netflix Library

Want to stay in on a Saturday and spend a quiet day catching up on shows? Or go out partying and watch what happens next on Game of Thrones another day? The presence of American Netflix Library gives you that very important option.

Another major advantage of viewing your favourite show online is the choice of media. With TV you are confined to one place for the duration of your show or movie. But online videos can be played on any device with an internet connection. These devices could be your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even your gaming console.

The freedom of choice with on-demand streaming has been a major factor in the shift from TV watching to video-streaming. Now, more and more people are opting for the liberty to schedule their personal time according to their preference.

Australian or American Netflix Library

Netflix and other online video libraries have been a boon for millions across the globe. The American Netflix Library is one of the most extensive resources for TV show addicts. Over the years they have painstakingly added shows that viewers want to watch. Their list of movies is phenomenally good, making American Netflix the go to choice for viewers.

Netflix started out in the USA but has since spread in other countries throughout the globe. They have recently launched the Australian Netflix, pleasing many who have been waiting for Netflix in Australia. However, the much anticipated Australian Netflix has been a bit of a let-down for some viewers. This is because the Australian Netflix list is not as extensive as its American counterpart.

The American Netflix Library has been built up painstakingly over the years. Rights to showcase some of the TV shows and movies have taken months. Since these licenses are not universal, Netflix has to acquire them separately for each new region it enters. The Australian Netflix catalogue is shorter for this reason.

The process for obtaining licenses will take time but in the meantime, there are ways you can access the American Netflix list of videos. Netflix allows you access to the respective country’s library based on your IP address. Once it identifies your country as Australia from your IP, you get access to their Australian Library.

Accessing American Netflix Content in Australia

Now, there are means of concealing your location information from Netflix. This can be done through VPN or DNS masking techniques. Instead of your actual location, you appear to be from a different country to Netflix. Moreover, there are service providers who are offering to do the job for you.

One such provider for VPN access is ExpressVPN. They charge a token fee for providing you with the necessary platform to access any Netflix Library across the world. Costing only a few bucks a month, their services are easy and secure.

You can even try out their product for free for a week before you purchase. All you have to do complete a 5 minute register with ExpressVPN and you have a whole new world of Netflix libraries at the tip of your finger.


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