iPad – Get Netflix USA on iPad

This guide teaches you how to set-up your iPad to access the USA version of Netflix from Australia.

The best way to set-up the American version of Netflix on your iPad in Australia is to set your router to appear as if it’s in the USA. That way any device that connects to it (e.g an iPad) will automatically have access to the US version of Netflix. We have a full guide on how to set your router up here.

You can also set-up your actual iPad device to access Netflix, rather than changing your router.

This guide assumes you have created an account with Express VPN

Make sure your iPad has the latest firmware installed.  Otherwise, the configurations you are about to make may not work with the Express VPN service.

2. Upon signing-up with Express VPN, configure your iPad using specified Express VPN DNS setting.  This will help trick Netflix into thinking you are currently within the U.S.

3. For proper connection, use only a Wi-Fi network because the service will not work when using 3G network.  Additionally, in order to be able to download the Netflix app, you need to have a Canadian, US, UK, or any other country iTunes account that offers the Netflix app for download.  You can create a US iTunes account very easily, the guide is on this site.

4. To change the DNS settings of your iPad, go to settings then touch on Wi-Fi.  Touch the blue arrow pointing right on the network you want to use or connect with.

5. A new side-screen will appear.  Stay on the DHCP tab and simply scroll down towards the DNS setting.  Delete any numbers that are there and replace them with the Express VPN ones

To make the settings you made above work, you must do the following:

  1. Reboot the iPad.
  2. Using the web browser, go to http://www.expressvpn.com and login to your account.
  3. The Express VPN website will attempt to check your service status to see if everything is ready.
  4. If there are changes to your internet address, the dialog box will tell you.  Click on the click here to activate your new internet address to enable the Express VPN service to identify who you are.  Furthermore, the dialog box will also inform you of any unpaid invoice or account termination.
  5. These final steps will help to ensure that the Express VPN service will work on your device.  If you do not do these final steps, you may not be able to access their service.

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