Get US Netflix in Australia for More Content

If you are the proud owner of a brand new Netflix Australia account, congratulations! I am guessing the question on top of your mind must be “How to get US Netflix in Australia?” That is a perfectly understandable query and I will try and answer it here.

What’s So Great About US Netflix?

The first thing we need to understand is why anyone would want to get US Netflix in Australia. Netflix is a relatively new entrant in the Australian market. It has since gained a lot of popularity. The only issue has been the content, which is a fraction of what is available on the US Netflix.

Netflix Australia has about a tenth of the titles that are available on US Netflix. The subscription charges are almost the same all over the world. The only factor that affects that is the conversion rate against the American Dollar.

While this means that Aussies end up paying a little less, it does not compensate for the lack of content. The lack of content is not because Netflix wants to discriminate against customers. It is simply because it does not have the license to broadcast those programmes in Australia.

Broadcasting rights can be complicated as television networks with the rights to air the series might not want competition. This is especially true for Netflix because it is so easily accessed.

Who Tells Netflix Where I Am?

But how does Netflix know where you are? In order to understand that, we need to know how our computer connects to the internet. When you connect to a site, you use a DNS or Domain Name System.

The DNS server is also responsible for passing on your IP address to the website you are visiting. Since the IP address is assigned by location, Netflix immediately knows where you are logging in from. Once it knows your location, it can redirect you to the contents page of your country i.e. show you selected titles while blocking others off.

What’s The Way Around It?

Now that you know how Netflix figures out your location, you must have realised that there is a way to get US Netflix in Australia. It is simply a matter of masking your IP address. Services like ExpressVPN have their own DNS servers that reroute you to show up on Netflix with a different IP address.

When Netflix sees an American IP, it assumes you are within the US. It then shows you the Netflix US library instead of the Aussie one. It can do that to send you through any country so you can get access to the Canadian Netflix or the English Netflix as well.

It is easy to sign up with ExpressVPN and avail its services at a nominal monthly fee of a few bucks. You can even try it for free for a week before you decide to buy it. With ExpressVPN, it becomes very easy to get US Netflix in Australia. Once you have that, you have access to almost 7000 more titles than you would with just Netflix Australia.


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