How to Get Netflix USA in Australia

Television programming is becoming more and more sophisticated with each passing year. A huge amount of money is being invested in television series that show any sign of success. With so much television to pick from, online streaming on Netflix makes more sense than cable TV. However, your choice of titles increases dramatically if you know how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

Why Do You Need Netflix?

With television series becoming bigger money earners than movies, we are seeing more of them being made than ever. Cable TV cannot cater to the demands of every single person. This is why you see varied content but that means not everything is suitable for you. With Netflix, you can customise your viewing experience and watch only what you want to watch.

So what exactly is Netflix? Netflix is a company that allows its subscribers to stream and view a list of pre-selected titles online. Netflix Australia is fairly new but the subscription costs are comparatively lower because of the price of the Aussie Dollar. The only limitation is the much-shorter list of content. This, however, is not really a problem if you know how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

Why Does Netflix Australia Have Limited Content?

In order for Netflix to offer a series or movie in a country, it needs to buy the license to air it in that region. Since it entered the Australian market fairly recently, it is still in the process of obtaining licenses in order to expand its list. There is a lot of unique content on Netflix Australia. Even so, it cannot compete with the 9000 or so titles Netflix USA offers.

How Netflix monitors the list you can see is very simple. When you connect to your Netflix account, your internet connection’s IP address gives it your location info. The list of content you see is based on this. Learning how to get Netflix USA in Australia depends on your ability to manipulate your IP.

How Do I Change My IP Address?

The easiest way to change your IP address is to use a VPN, or a Virtual Private Network. You can use a service like ExpressVPN which will generate a US based IP address for you for a nominal fee. Netflix is travel-friendly. This means that if you travel to the USA, you can view the Netflix USA content through your Aussie account.

When you log in to Netflix with a US-based IP through ExpressVPN, it is the same thing but without the travelling! Netflix sees an IP that’s from within the US and automatically shows you its US content. This is how to get Netflix USA in Australia quickly and easily.

ExpressVPN is easy on the pocket with only a $5 monthly subscription fee. If you get an annual subscription, it is even more cost-efficient at $49.90. You can even opt for a free trial for a week, to see if it is suitable for you. For a small amount that is less than what you would spend on Cable TV, you can watch whatever your heart desires!


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