How to Get US Netflix in Australia

In the last couple of decades, the variety of shows available on television, and movies, has grown exponentially. There are so many options available for every genre that you wouldn’t know where to start! Cable TV used to be the obvious choice but even that cannot keep up with the sheer volume. An obvious solution for the dedicated binge-watcher would be something like Netflix. However, this service comes with its own problem of a limited collection of titles. From this perspective, knowing how to get US Netflix in Australia can be crucial.

What Is The Deal With Netflix Australia?

Netflix is a US-based company that allows its members to watch movies and series for a nominal monthly fee. While it was initially only for the American and Caribbean market, it has now started expanding into international markets, with Australia being one of the countries it caters to.

Australia also happens to have one of the lowest subscription fees due to the favourable conversion rates, making it more cost-effective than cable TV. How to get US Netflix in Australia wouldn’t even be an issue if it weren’t for one tiny hitch.

That, as stated earlier, is that since Netflix in Australia is a relatively new presence, the programmes available are not as extensive as in the US. Netflix Australia has a limited collection of only 1,000 titles.

In contrast, Netflix US has a collection of 9,000 titles. So, once you have sorted out the question of how to get US Netflix in Australia, the sky is your limit.

Why Is Netflix Australia’s Collection Limited?

The reason for this is licensing. Netflix has to buy the broadcasting rights before it can offer any title for viewing in a country. This means that there are titles that are available in Australia that might not be available in the US or the UK.

However, since the US Netflix offers almost 9000 titles while the Aussie Netflix is currently placed at a little over 1000 titles, the question every Aussie Netflix user has is how to get US Netflix in Australia just for the more extensive content.

The answer, thankfully, is as simple as DNS redirection. Those of you, who might be thinking that’s not really a simple answer, let me explain. It has to do with how Netflix knows where you are viewing from. Every time you connect to Netflix, your internet connection gives it your IP address which contains your location info.

How to Get US Netflix in Australia?

A DNS redirector, like Unblock-Us, simply changes your IP address to give Netflix the illusion that you are, in fact, viewing from inside the US of A. As a result, it gives you access to all the content that is available to an American viewer.

Unblock-Us charges a nominal fee of $5 a month, and $49.90 for an annual subscription. They also offer a free 7-day trial for if you want to test their service before paying.

You can turn it off if you want to want Aussie content, and turn it back on again to get access to the full list of the American titles. With a little bit of DNS redirection by Unblock-Us, you can have access to all the viewing content Netflix has to offer from any country.


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