Learn How To Access Netflix USA from Australia

I am sure that when you are watching your favourite series on TV, there are moments when you wish you didn’t have to stop. If you know how to access Netflix USA from Australia, you could do just that!

Wait, What? Netflix?

First of all, what is Netflix? Netflix is a video streaming site that offers you a selection of movies and television series for a subscription fee. The fee is pretty reasonable and even more so for Australia because of the conversion rate between Australian and American dollars.

When you create an account on Netflix, it allows you to create up to four profiles inside it. This means that family members with one Netflix account in the household can still customise their preferences.

Within your profile, you can select what you want to watch now or in the future. It helps you select more shows based on your previous viewings. If you stop a video mid-way, it remembers and starts it from there the next time you play it. If you are watching a series, it auto-plays the next episode so you get a seamless viewing experience.

Having a Netflix Australia account can be great for watching series that you enjoy except for one tiny problem. The title selection in the Aussie Netflix is minuscule compared to its American counterpart. If you knew how to access Netflix USA from Australia, your viewing selection would grow dramatically.

Cool! Now How Do I Get It?

In order to learn how to access Netflix USA from Australia, the first hurdle we need to cross is to understand how it knows where we are. Every time we access the internet through any device to go to a website, we do it through a DNS server.

This DNS server picks up the unique ID that is given to each device and sends it to the website. The unique identification number is called the IP address. This address can be used to pinpoint your location on the globe. Netflix receives the IP address and uses that to determine which library listing you get to see.

Do Away With The Technical Jargon And Tell Me How!

Now, one way to get Netflix to show you content from America is to physically go there. If you are in the US, your device will automatically get an American IP. However, it is highly impractical to relocate yourself across the map just to view the Netflix content there. Therefore, you need to know how to access Netflix USA from Australia.

The best way to do this is change your IP address to an American one. While it is possible to do this through a VPN, products like Unblock-Us make it way easier. Unblock-Us has its own DNS server which allows it to route you through to Netflix with an IP that is from within the US.

When Netflix sees your device with an American IP, it immediately sends you through to the American index page. Signing up with Unblock-Us is as easy as pie and it is very cheap as well. You can even try it for a week for free before buying it. With that set up, getting Netflix USA will be no issue at all.


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