Netflix US vs Australia

Netflix is a company that was based and operating in the USA. It started out as a video rental. It has since expanded to offer video streaming services by subscription in several other countries, including Australia. This has led to the obvious Netflix US vs Australia comparisons.

What Does Netflix Offer?

Netflix has revolutionised television and movie viewing. It offers a pre-determined list of videos to its subscribers based on their physical location. Within their profiles, they can watch shows, get suggestions based on past preferences, and maintain continuity. Once you reach the end of an episode, it will very helpfully ask if you want to play the next one!

All these attributes make watching a series on Netflix much more enjoyable than watching the same thing on TV. You don’t have to sit through inane advertisements, and no longer have to wait for the next episode to be aired.

Ever since Netflix became available in Australia, it has become a fast favourite. All the features that made it popular in the US are making it appreciated here as well. However, in the contest between Netflix US vs Australia, the major drawback Netflix Australia has is the limited programming.

Why Does Australia Lose The Netflix US Vs. Australia War?

Television programmes can be tricky as regional licensing is required to air them. In order for Netflix to offer any programme in a country, it first needs to get the broadcasting rights. Getting these can be expensive and time-consuming.

Because Netflix US is much older and more established than Netflix Australia, the library is more extensive. There are over 9000 titles in Netflix Us vs. Australia Netflix’s meagre 1200 or so. This is an obvious disparity has caused dissent within the Australian subscribers who want the same variety as their American counterparts.

How to get the Netflix US content in Australia?

In order to understand how Netflix figures out what content to show you, you need to know about IP addresses. An IP address is a numerical tag that is given to any device that connects to the internet.

The IP address is specific to your location. Netflix acquires your IP address when you log in. This tells it where you are physically and it customises the list you see. This is how it controls which country gets to see which programmes.

The best way to get around your location handicap is to make Netflix believe you are in another location. This can be easily managed with a bit of IP manipulation. This is where Express VPN comes in handy.

This is a handy little product for getting Netflix US, or any other country for that matter. It specifically targets Netflix and connects you to it through a US-based IP address. When Netflix receives your location info, it believes you to be physically in the US. Thus, it automatically shows you that content.

With its really low price and easy setup, ExpressVPN is your ally in the quest to get access to more quality programming. With its help, the Netflix US vs. Australia debate becomes irrelevant. Not just the US, you can access the contents of any other country that Netflix offers its services to!


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