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Netflix VS Stan VS Presto VS QuickFlix

Australia is “streaming” with online viewing possibilities. If it is entertainment that you want, then you have a couple of options before you.

In this article, we will be discussing the four streaming services that you can choose from. We will provide you with a comprehensive information so you can choose the type of streaming that can meet your specific viewing preferences.

NETFLIX – The Global Online Streaming Phenomenon

Netflix, the global household name, has landed in Australia to provide high-quality online streaming that can run on just about any device you can think of.

Netflix rightfully dubbed a “global phenomenon,” lives up to its reputation. You can watch just about anything, from TV shows, movies, reality show, and even documentaries. It is hard to gauge how many shows are in their library because it is constantly changing – but it is estimated to be in the thousands. There are even local channels available so you can enjoy a couple of Australian shows.

Probably the best thing about Netflix is its compatibility. You can watch it on any device available. Whether you have a PS3, Xbox, Mac, PC, mobile or tablet, you can use Netflix to fulfil your entertainment needs. As long as it has a screen and you have a stable Internet connection, it is possible for you to watch through this portal. It can support all major web browsers. You can even use a VPN service (e.g. ExpressVPN) so you can tap into the bigger Netflix USA or the International Netflix content. Imagine being able to watch any show on a global scale? This is what gives this streaming company a significant edge in the market.

The Netflix interface is also very easy to use. They tried to use a similar one across all platforms to unify the viewing experience of all users. Programs and shows are horizontally displayed and according to a category. You can see the recently watched shows right at the top – which makes it easy to find the show that you want to view. It also gives you suggestions based on what is popular and your personal viewing patterns. Since the people in your home have different viewing preferences, Netflix allows multiple profiles so you and your kids get to have your own suggestions and viewing preferences saved.

Netflix offers three different plans.

● Standard Definition Plan allows you to enjoy streaming on one device for $8.99 AU per month.
● High Definition Plan allows you to enjoy simultaneous streaming on two devices for $11.99 AU per month.
● Ultra High Definition and High Definition Plan allows you to enjoy simultaneous streaming on two or more devices for $14.99 AU per month. This is the best plan for big screen TVs.

With the high compatibility, competitive pricing and huge library of shows, it is hard to find something wrong with Netflix. It requires simple steps to access the huge library of videos – you just have to sign in. They offer a 1-month free trial so you can experience all of these.

Stan – Thousands of Hours of Viewing Pleasure

Stan offers a simple plan that seems to provide everything that will satisfy your viewing needs: a huge library of shows, compatibility, and value for money.

Thousands of hours of viewing – that is what Stan promises its clientele. This online streaming company offers thousands of TV shows and movies. In fact, they hold an exclusive deal with the US network Showtime so you can benefit from seeing first-run shows. If that is not good enough, they also have key deals with Sony. Stan even has some original shows that you can only watch through their site. Even your kids will never grow tired of the huge library of kid-friendly shows and movies.

In terms of compatibility, most of the recent iOS and Android devices are compatible with Stan. It also supports major web browsers – as long as they have the latest version. It can be played through Sony Android, Samsung, LG Smart TVs and various game consoles ( PS3, PS4, XBox One).

The ease of use is another great quality of Stan. Browsing is easy because TV shows and movies are categorised. When you select a show, it automatically plays so you can switch shows with ease. Sometimes, these little details make the viewing experience all the more enjoyable. However, you do need at least 3 Mbps for SD or 8 Mbps for HD if you want to heighten the quality of the shows you are watching.

Stan only offers one plan: a $10 AU a month that allows three devices to enjoy simultaneous TV or movie viewing. This seems like a great bargain to access their huge library of entertainment content. You can sign in to access their videos in a matter of seconds. Just like NetFlix, you can enjoy a free one month trial to test if this is the type of online viewing experience that you prefer.

Presto – Endless TV and Movie Entertainment

Presto provides endless entertainment hours and easy access to on-demand content at very affordable prices.

Presto, one of the companies of Foxtel, gives you access to thousands of TV and movie shows that are constantly changing – depending on what is popular or recently released. They offer a wide range of old and new shows – which could give you endless entertainment hours. They regularly add to the video titles – ending up with a diverse library of TV and movie shows. They even have full seasons of popular TV shows from HBO, Showtime, and USA Network. While it may seem like the selections are endless, it is quite obvious that it is not as extensive as Netflix or the other streaming companies.

When it comes to compatibility, Presto does not provide the best in the market. The best way to watch is on your TV via a Smart TV app – which gives you limited choices among the latest releases of Samsung, Sony Bravia, and LG. You can also watch through PlayStation 3 and 4, Telstra TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Nexus Player, and Telstra T-Box. You can use AirPlay and Chromecast to send Presto videos to bigger screens.

The interface of Presto is also easy to use – you just have to provide basic details about yourself to sign up. The Movie and TV selections can be viewed through a drop down feature. The videos are categorised by genre, recently added, trending now and the picks of their team. The search tool is accessible regardless of the page you are in. The HD feature of their videos are not at par with Netflix or Stan, but they seem to be working on this improvement.

Presto offers three different plans that all enjoy a no-contract subscription – allowing you to switch between plans. You only have to pay $9.99 AU a month to access their TV or Movie selections separately. If you want to access both, you need to pay $14.99 AU a month. You can view Presto on six compatible devices while allowing you to view through 3 devices simultaneously. Compared to the first two, Presto leaves a lot of room for improvement – even with their competitive rates and plans.

QuickFlix – Watching TVs or Movies On Your Terms

QuickFlix is the first streaming service in Australia – offering high-quality viewing experience according to your personal preferences.

As the pioneer of online streaming in Australia, QuickFlix had been in the industry since 2011. Since it used to be partly owned by HBO, its library of videos includes a lot of HBO original drama series. All of them are still available in the huge library of TV shows and movies – all of which are growing continually. Some of the older shows are not offered in HD, but if you have a fast Internet connection, you can still enjoy the shows.

If there is one company who can match the compatibility of Netflix, it is QuickFlix. Smart TVs, smartphones, PCs, game consoles, and connected devices (Chromecast), all of these can support a QuickFlix viewing experience. You can also use an app so you can use it on a Kindle Fire ebook reader.

As an interface, it is not as impressive as the other streaming companies, specifically Netflix, but you can see almost everything on one screen. That makes navigation very easy and convenient too. You can choose to browse the entire library or narrow it down by genre. You can even see if the video is in HD or not. A great feature by QuickFlix is that the HD streams are possible at a lower bitrate compared to the other online streaming providers.

Probably the best thing about QuickFlix is their plan flexibility. You have three options:

● Subscription Streaming allows you to stream as needed – starts at $9,99 AU a month.
● Premium Streaming allows you to either rent movies or own TV shows – which is great for repeat watching – starts at $2.99 AU a month for TV; $5.99 AU a month for movies.
● DVD and Blu-ray Subscription allows you to get a physical copy of videos from their extensive library – starting at $12.99 a month.

Remember that the more premium items you want, the more expensive it can be. Of course, there is a $9.99 all-you-can-view streaming service – but you still have the option to customise your streaming plan. Although it can be expensive, the flexibility of plans means QuickFlix offers a more personalised experience for viewers. You can try their free trial to get a feel of the plan that suits your viewing requirements.

How To Watch American Netflix in Australia

The much awaited Australian Netflix has finally arrived in Australia to mixed reviews. A major grouse of the Australia viewer is the truncated list of titles available. Netflix launched with only some one thousand odd titles in Australia, as compared to 9000 in the USA. Because of this, this article will give you the perfect solution to question how to watch American Netflix in Australia.

The rights for showcasing any series in a new country are slow to come by due to procedural formalities. The list is likely to keep growing in the coming months. However, for those who wish to view a wider selection offered to the American audience, it is a frustrating wait. There are ways, though, through which one can get access to the American listings too.

Netflix Is the Go to Solution for the Viewers of Today

Nowadays, people have busy schedules and cannot work their lives around TV show times. Many rarely watch their favourite shows on TV because they have the option of streaming their shows online. Netflix application is one of the most popular choices for viewers, since it provides season-wise listings of shows.

Registered members don’t even have to keep a track of the episodes they have watched. The personalised services provided by Netflix ensure you can view your programme from the last time you stopped watching.

How Does Netflix Identify Your Location

Netflix works by identifying the country of origin through the DNS settings of the individuals. The IP address of each online user has a distinctive code identifying their country. This is the crucial obstacle in figuring out how to watch American Netflix in Australia.

Netflix offers its services based on the IP address of its customer. Once they identify your IP address as belonging to a certain country, they will allow you access to the content available only for that country.

For instance a person from a country where Netflix is not yet launched will not able to access the Netflix services. The Netflix server will identify the country from the person’s IP address and block them from viewing any listings.

How to Watch American Netflix in Australian

Nevertheless, there are ways of masking your actual IP address and superimposing another country’s IP address to your Netflix account connection. This process is called geo-unblocking. This is a fool proof way on how to watch American Netflix in Australia.

You are provided with a DNS code which allows you to view the database of any Netflix account, no matter the country. In effect, your geographical location will be cleverly concealed and a different country will show up on your IP address.

If you are worried about hunting for ways in which you can mask your DNS, don’t be. Unblock-Us is an excellent product designed just for making this process of how to watch American Netflix in Australia simpler for you.

All you need to do is register with Unblock-Us for their free 7 day trial and test the product for yourself. If you are satisfied, you can subscribe to their services for a small amount of $5 per month.

Netflix US vs Australia

Netflix is a company that was based and operating in the USA. It started out as a video rental. It has since expanded to offer video streaming services by subscription in several other countries, including Australia. This has led to the obvious Netflix US vs Australia comparisons.

What Does Netflix Offer?

Netflix has revolutionised television and movie viewing. It offers a pre-determined list of videos to its subscribers based on their physical location. Within their profiles, they can watch shows, get suggestions based on past preferences, and maintain continuity. Once you reach the end of an episode, it will very helpfully ask if you want to play the next one!

All these attributes make watching a series on Netflix much more enjoyable than watching the same thing on TV. You don’t have to sit through inane advertisements, and no longer have to wait for the next episode to be aired.

Ever since Netflix became available in Australia, it has become a fast favourite. All the features that made it popular in the US are making it appreciated here as well. However, in the contest between Netflix US vs Australia, the major drawback Netflix Australia has is the limited programming.

Why Does Australia Lose The Netflix US Vs. Australia War?

Television programmes can be tricky as regional licensing is required to air them. In order for Netflix to offer any programme in a country, it first needs to get the broadcasting rights. Getting these can be expensive and time-consuming.

Because Netflix US is much older and more established than Netflix Australia, the library is more extensive. There are over 9000 titles in Netflix Us vs. Australia Netflix’s meagre 1200 or so. This is an obvious disparity has caused dissent within the Australian subscribers who want the same variety as their American counterparts.

How to get the Netflix US content in Australia?

In order to understand how Netflix figures out what content to show you, you need to know about IP addresses. An IP address is a numerical tag that is given to any device that connects to the internet.

The IP address is specific to your location. Netflix acquires your IP address when you log in. This tells it where you are physically and it customises the list you see. This is how it controls which country gets to see which programmes.

The best way to get around your location handicap is to make Netflix believe you are in another location. This can be easily managed with a bit of IP manipulation. This is where Express VPN comes in handy.

This is a handy little product for getting Netflix US, or any other country for that matter. It specifically targets Netflix and connects you to it through a US-based IP address. When Netflix receives your location info, it believes you to be physically in the US. Thus, it automatically shows you that content.

With its really low price and easy setup, ExpressVPN is your ally in the quest to get access to more quality programming. With its help, the Netflix US vs. Australia debate becomes irrelevant. Not just the US, you can access the contents of any other country that Netflix offers its services to!

How to Get Netflix USA in Australia

Television programming is becoming more and more sophisticated with each passing year. A huge amount of money is being invested in television series that show any sign of success. With so much television to pick from, online streaming on Netflix makes more sense than cable TV. However, your choice of titles increases dramatically if you know how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

Why Do You Need Netflix?

With television series becoming bigger money earners than movies, we are seeing more of them being made than ever. Cable TV cannot cater to the demands of every single person. This is why you see varied content but that means not everything is suitable for you. With Netflix, you can customise your viewing experience and watch only what you want to watch.

So what exactly is Netflix? Netflix is a company that allows its subscribers to stream and view a list of pre-selected titles online. Netflix Australia is fairly new but the subscription costs are comparatively lower because of the price of the Aussie Dollar. The only limitation is the much-shorter list of content. This, however, is not really a problem if you know how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

Why Does Netflix Australia Have Limited Content?

In order for Netflix to offer a series or movie in a country, it needs to buy the license to air it in that region. Since it entered the Australian market fairly recently, it is still in the process of obtaining licenses in order to expand its list. There is a lot of unique content on Netflix Australia. Even so, it cannot compete with the 9000 or so titles Netflix USA offers.

How Netflix monitors the list you can see is very simple. When you connect to your Netflix account, your internet connection’s IP address gives it your location info. The list of content you see is based on this. Learning how to get Netflix USA in Australia depends on your ability to manipulate your IP.

How Do I Change My IP Address?

The easiest way to change your IP address is to use a VPN, or a Virtual Private Network. You can use a service like ExpressVPN which will generate a US based IP address for you for a nominal fee. Netflix is travel-friendly. This means that if you travel to the USA, you can view the Netflix USA content through your Aussie account.

When you log in to Netflix with a US-based IP through ExpressVPN, it is the same thing but without the travelling! Netflix sees an IP that’s from within the US and automatically shows you its US content. This is how to get Netflix USA in Australia quickly and easily.

ExpressVPN is easy on the pocket with only a $5 monthly subscription fee. If you get an annual subscription, it is even more cost-efficient at $49.90. You can even opt for a free trial for a week, to see if it is suitable for you. For a small amount that is less than what you would spend on Cable TV, you can watch whatever your heart desires!

Learn How To Access Netflix USA from Australia

I am sure that when you are watching your favourite series on TV, there are moments when you wish you didn’t have to stop. If you know how to access Netflix USA from Australia, you could do just that!

Wait, What? Netflix?

First of all, what is Netflix? Netflix is a video streaming site that offers you a selection of movies and television series for a subscription fee. The fee is pretty reasonable and even more so for Australia because of the conversion rate between Australian and American dollars.

When you create an account on Netflix, it allows you to create up to four profiles inside it. This means that family members with one Netflix account in the household can still customise their preferences.

Within your profile, you can select what you want to watch now or in the future. It helps you select more shows based on your previous viewings. If you stop a video mid-way, it remembers and starts it from there the next time you play it. If you are watching a series, it auto-plays the next episode so you get a seamless viewing experience.

Having a Netflix Australia account can be great for watching series that you enjoy except for one tiny problem. The title selection in the Aussie Netflix is minuscule compared to its American counterpart. If you knew how to access Netflix USA from Australia, your viewing selection would grow dramatically.

Cool! Now How Do I Get It?

In order to learn how to access Netflix USA from Australia, the first hurdle we need to cross is to understand how it knows where we are. Every time we access the internet through any device to go to a website, we do it through a DNS server.

This DNS server picks up the unique ID that is given to each device and sends it to the website. The unique identification number is called the IP address. This address can be used to pinpoint your location on the globe. Netflix receives the IP address and uses that to determine which library listing you get to see.

Do Away With The Technical Jargon And Tell Me How!

Now, one way to get Netflix to show you content from America is to physically go there. If you are in the US, your device will automatically get an American IP. However, it is highly impractical to relocate yourself across the map just to view the Netflix content there. Therefore, you need to know how to access Netflix USA from Australia.

The best way to do this is change your IP address to an American one. While it is possible to do this through a VPN, products like Unblock-Us make it way easier. Unblock-Us has its own DNS server which allows it to route you through to Netflix with an IP that is from within the US.

When Netflix sees your device with an American IP, it immediately sends you through to the American index page. Signing up with Unblock-Us is as easy as pie and it is very cheap as well. You can even try it for a week for free before buying it. With that set up, getting Netflix USA will be no issue at all.


Getting American Netflix In Australia Is Simple!

Where do you spend the most of your leisure time when you are at home? If you are like most people, that place is likely to be in front of your television. That would mean that you would have your own preferred series that you follow religiously. If so, then you would want to know all about getting American Netflix in Australia.

TV Series Are Becoming As Popular and Lucrative As Movies

Watching television series has become so popular that companies like HBO and Netflix have started producing their own shows. Big Hollywood names are opting to act in them. People are not only following them but also creating fan pages and blogs about them.

Just like there were movie buffs in the years past, we now have dedicated fans of television series. Those fans want their daily fix not doled out by the week but right now and right away. For such fans, getting American Netflix in Australia will be a boon.

Netflix is a video streaming site that has a collection of movies and series that it offers to its subscribers. It acquires the license to broadcast them and puts up the whole series up for its viewers. You can watch them one episode at a time or spend the weekend binge-watching a season in one go.

Why Is Getting American Netflix in Australia So Desirable?

Aussie Netflix does offer a number of titles and some of them are exclusive to Australia. However, the collection is no patch on the selection available on the American Netflix. It is a matter of 9000 titles as opposed to a bit over 1200. This is why getting American Netflix in Australia is such a popular quest.

Netflix America has had nearly two decades to establish itself and build its library. It has acquired licenses and broadcasting rights for a large number of shows and movies. In Australia, it has only just begun and the process is slow.

Until the collection in Australia catches up with the American content, Aussies are going to be dissatisfied customers. However, there are ways around the limited content. One of the easiest ways is Unblock-Us.

What is Unblock-Us?

Unblock-Us is a smart VPN service that makes Netflix think you are actually inside the US. Netflix is a traveller-friendly product and allows you to access American content if you are physically in the US. Unblock-Us helps you do it without actually having to travel.

How Netflix knows where you are is through your IP address. Whenever you use a device to connect to the internet, your device gets a unique code that contains information about your physical location. That is your IP address.

Your IP address is sent to the website you are visiting by your DNS server. This is what allows you to type the website name instead of having to memorise its IP and typing it out.

Unblock-Us has its own DNS server that masks your IP address and reroutes you through to Netflix with an American IP. Because Netflix believes you are now physically in the US, it redirects you to the American Netflix library.

With Unblock-Us, getting American Netflix in Australia is as simple as setting up an account. At a meagre price of $5, you can access the Netflix library of any country it offers its service in!

Get US Netflix in Australia for More Content

If you are the proud owner of a brand new Netflix Australia account, congratulations! I am guessing the question on top of your mind must be “How to get US Netflix in Australia?” That is a perfectly understandable query and I will try and answer it here.

What’s So Great About US Netflix?

The first thing we need to understand is why anyone would want to get US Netflix in Australia. Netflix is a relatively new entrant in the Australian market. It has since gained a lot of popularity. The only issue has been the content, which is a fraction of what is available on the US Netflix.

Netflix Australia has about a tenth of the titles that are available on US Netflix. The subscription charges are almost the same all over the world. The only factor that affects that is the conversion rate against the American Dollar.

While this means that Aussies end up paying a little less, it does not compensate for the lack of content. The lack of content is not because Netflix wants to discriminate against customers. It is simply because it does not have the license to broadcast those programmes in Australia.

Broadcasting rights can be complicated as television networks with the rights to air the series might not want competition. This is especially true for Netflix because it is so easily accessed.

Who Tells Netflix Where I Am?

But how does Netflix know where you are? In order to understand that, we need to know how our computer connects to the internet. When you connect to a site, you use a DNS or Domain Name System.

The DNS server is also responsible for passing on your IP address to the website you are visiting. Since the IP address is assigned by location, Netflix immediately knows where you are logging in from. Once it knows your location, it can redirect you to the contents page of your country i.e. show you selected titles while blocking others off.

What’s The Way Around It?

Now that you know how Netflix figures out your location, you must have realised that there is a way to get US Netflix in Australia. It is simply a matter of masking your IP address. Services like ExpressVPN have their own DNS servers that reroute you to show up on Netflix with a different IP address.

When Netflix sees an American IP, it assumes you are within the US. It then shows you the Netflix US library instead of the Aussie one. It can do that to send you through any country so you can get access to the Canadian Netflix or the English Netflix as well.

It is easy to sign up with ExpressVPN and avail its services at a nominal monthly fee of a few bucks. You can even try it for free for a week before you decide to buy it. With ExpressVPN, it becomes very easy to get US Netflix in Australia. Once you have that, you have access to almost 7000 more titles than you would with just Netflix Australia.

American Netflix Library

Want to stay in on a Saturday and spend a quiet day catching up on shows? Or go out partying and watch what happens next on Game of Thrones another day? The presence of American Netflix Library gives you that very important option.

Another major advantage of viewing your favourite show online is the choice of media. With TV you are confined to one place for the duration of your show or movie. But online videos can be played on any device with an internet connection. These devices could be your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even your gaming console.

The freedom of choice with on-demand streaming has been a major factor in the shift from TV watching to video-streaming. Now, more and more people are opting for the liberty to schedule their personal time according to their preference.

Australian or American Netflix Library

Netflix and other online video libraries have been a boon for millions across the globe. The American Netflix Library is one of the most extensive resources for TV show addicts. Over the years they have painstakingly added shows that viewers want to watch. Their list of movies is phenomenally good, making American Netflix the go to choice for viewers.

Netflix started out in the USA but has since spread in other countries throughout the globe. They have recently launched the Australian Netflix, pleasing many who have been waiting for Netflix in Australia. However, the much anticipated Australian Netflix has been a bit of a let-down for some viewers. This is because the Australian Netflix list is not as extensive as its American counterpart.

The American Netflix Library has been built up painstakingly over the years. Rights to showcase some of the TV shows and movies have taken months. Since these licenses are not universal, Netflix has to acquire them separately for each new region it enters. The Australian Netflix catalogue is shorter for this reason.

The process for obtaining licenses will take time but in the meantime, there are ways you can access the American Netflix list of videos. Netflix allows you access to the respective country’s library based on your IP address. Once it identifies your country as Australia from your IP, you get access to their Australian Library.

Accessing American Netflix Content in Australia

Now, there are means of concealing your location information from Netflix. This can be done through VPN or DNS masking techniques. Instead of your actual location, you appear to be from a different country to Netflix. Moreover, there are service providers who are offering to do the job for you.

One such provider for VPN access is ExpressVPN. They charge a token fee for providing you with the necessary platform to access any Netflix Library across the world. Costing only a few bucks a month, their services are easy and secure.

You can even try out their product for free for a week before you purchase. All you have to do complete a 5 minute register with ExpressVPN and you have a whole new world of Netflix libraries at the tip of your finger.

Get American Netflix In Australia

American Netflix has been around for a number of years now. For this reason, the choice of TV shows and movies on American Netflix is much more than other countries. In Australia, Netflix has been introduced just recently with a narrower selection of videos. The good news is: you can easily get American Netflix in Australia without relocating.

The primary reason for coveting American Netflix is that the list of videos available in the Australian version of Netflix is much shorter (almost one tenth). Many viewers were hoping for shows that are currently not in the Australian Netflix library. It is likely that Netflix will gradually increase the video library in the coming months. For TV show buffs, it can be an upsetting wait though.

Reasons for a Narrower Selection on the Australian Netflix

Netflix has a large number of viewers across the world. Each country has a different selection of videos available to them. There are approximately 50 million odd users of Netflix across the globe. It is not necessary that if you have access to all seasons of Lost in Australia, that other countries would have access to them too.

The reason for such differing collections is simply distribution rights. The licensing rights to publish any copyrighted video are bought from the owner by Netflix for a particular region only. The terms and conditions between buyer and seller differ for different regions. This may be because those rights are already sold off to another company or competitor.

Such situations cause a delay in relaying content that Netflix users might not be particularly happy about. This isn’t a reason to fret however as there are ways to get American Netflix in Australia and libraries of other countries too.

How to Get American Netflix in Australia

To get American Netflix in Australia, you don’t actually have to put up with delays posed by the above-mentioned legalities. A lot of people are getting around this problem by getting the services for DNS masking or Virtual Private Network (VPN). You simply get a VPN or DNS provider to do the job for you.

VPN is, in layman’s terms, a connection that enables you to access stuff on other networks online. Netflix keeps a tab on where you are located through your IP address. By masking your IP address or using VPN, Netflix is fooled into thinking your location is different from what it actually is.

The advantage of using a service provider who can provide you with a secure VPN is that you actually don’t have to do any of the hard work. It’s already done for you. One of the most popular service providers for VPN is ExpressVPN. Unblock-Us provides a secure passage into the world of American Netflix library.

Express VPN provides you an effortless way to get American Netflix in Australia. You simply register yourself on their website for an obligation-free trial of 7 days. If you find their services acceptable, you can sign up with them for a really low cost of a few bucks a month.

US Netflix in Australia

Who amongst us has not watched a series on television and resented having to wait for a week to find out what happens next? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to watch a series when we want to rather than waiting for it to be aired on television? Websites like Netflix allow you to do just that. At the click of a mouse, you can access over a thousand titles to view. If you happen to have access to US Netflix in Australia, you can watch over 9,000 titles.

Understanding Netflix’s Collections

Netflix is an American company that allows you to stream media on demand for a nominal subscription fee. It buys the broadcasting rights for the series or movie and offers it on the viewing list for its subscribers. The list of titles available for viewing in America and the Caribbean is more than what is available in Australia. This is simply because it is a company based in America.

Australian Netflix is relatively new and the company is in the process of adding more content. If you could also access US Netflix in Australia, then you would realise that it is a much better option than Pay TV. You have a list of over 9,000 titles to choose from. What’s even better is that you can watch it at your own pace.

Why Netflix Is Better Than Pay TV

Pay TV, for all its popularity is not a user-friendly experience anymore. With the rise of the internet, and the option of watching your favourite TV shows online, television is on its way to becoming obsolete. This is why more and more people are transitioning to online streaming.

The most obvious disadvantage of Pay TV is the fact that you have to sit through an ocean of bad programmes. Once you get to get to the ones you actually want to watch, you have to sit through the advertisements. Of course, the fact that you have to wait a week or a day before you can watch the next episode has already been mentioned.

Get US Netflix in Australia

With Netflix, you can watch what you want, when you want it, and for as long as you want! Of course, there is the issue of the availability of US Netflix in Australia, but there is a solution for that as well. You can use a VPN service to change your IP address to that of one in the US.

The content of Netflix is available to all subscribers and is only limited by region. If you travel to the US or the UK, you can access their content on your Aussie account. The only way Netflix knows your region is through the IP address of your internet connection. By masking your IP address with an American one, you can get US Netflix in Australia.

A very easy way to do it is to get Unblock-Us. This is a very cheap, reliable service that changes your IP address. With an American IP, you can access the wide range of programmes available to the American audience. With all those programmes available to you, who needs Pay TV?