Get Netflix USA in Australia

Our method is working despite the Netflix war on geo-dodgers.

The Australian verison of Netflix has 1,000 odd titles. The Netflix USA version has 9,000 odd titles. Did you know your Aussie Netflix account can actually access all of those glorious Netflix USA titles too? And it is an easy, 5 minute process to get into the motherland.

Basically you use a VPN, which is a nerdy way of saying "you make your connection look like it's in America". We've found a service that still works despite the recent Netflix crack down. For the non tech heads it's simple. Just create an account with Express VPN and follow their easy set-up guides.

This will allow you to set your location as the USA and unlock all of the great content there using your normal Aussie Netflix account. Free trial as well so you can test it, see if you like it and there's no cost involved. Enjoy!

The best way to watch USA Netflix now:

*confirmed working as of April 2, 2019:

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Netflix Search Engine

Once you have yourself set-up with an Express VPN account you’ll want to find out which region has the movie or tv show you want to watch.

Head to FlixList – it’s a search engine for Netflix movies and tv shows. That site has indexed every title available on Netflix around the world. You can go there, find a title you like complete with which region it is available in. Then just set your Unblock-Us account to be in that region and your Netflix account will start displaying that content.

It’s great – with FlixList & Express VPN combined you can easily find any title and change your connection to the part of the world it’s available in.

It’s a beautiful thing!