Get American Netflix In Australia

American Netflix has been around for a number of years now. For this reason, the choice of TV shows and movies on American Netflix is much more than other countries. In Australia, Netflix has been introduced just recently with a narrower selection of videos. The good news is: you can easily get American Netflix in Australia without relocating.

The primary reason for coveting American Netflix is that the list of videos available in the Australian version of Netflix is much shorter (almost one tenth). Many viewers were hoping for shows that are currently not in the Australian Netflix library. It is likely that Netflix will gradually increase the video library in the coming months. For TV show buffs, it can be an upsetting wait though.

Reasons for a Narrower Selection on the Australian Netflix

Netflix has a large number of viewers across the world. Each country has a different selection of videos available to them. There are approximately 50 million odd users of Netflix across the globe. It is not necessary that if you have access to all seasons of Lost in Australia, that other countries would have access to them too.

The reason for such differing collections is simply distribution rights. The licensing rights to publish any copyrighted video are bought from the owner by Netflix for a particular region only. The terms and conditions between buyer and seller differ for different regions. This may be because those rights are already sold off to another company or competitor.

Such situations cause a delay in relaying content that Netflix users might not be particularly happy about. This isn’t a reason to fret however as there are ways to get American Netflix in Australia and libraries of other countries too.

How to Get American Netflix in Australia

To get American Netflix in Australia, you don’t actually have to put up with delays posed by the above-mentioned legalities. A lot of people are getting around this problem by getting the services for DNS masking or Virtual Private Network (VPN). You simply get a VPN or DNS provider to do the job for you.

VPN is, in layman’s terms, a connection that enables you to access stuff on other networks online. Netflix keeps a tab on where you are located through your IP address. By masking your IP address or using VPN, Netflix is fooled into thinking your location is different from what it actually is.

The advantage of using a service provider who can provide you with a secure VPN is that you actually don’t have to do any of the hard work. It’s already done for you. One of the most popular service providers for VPN is ExpressVPN. Unblock-Us provides a secure passage into the world of American Netflix library.

Express VPN provides you an effortless way to get American Netflix in Australia. You simply register yourself on their website for an obligation-free trial of 7 days. If you find their services acceptable, you can sign up with them for a really low cost of a few bucks a month.


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