Getting American Netflix In Australia Is Simple!

Where do you spend the most of your leisure time when you are at home? If you are like most people, that place is likely to be in front of your television. That would mean that you would have your own preferred series that you follow religiously. If so, then you would want to know all about getting American Netflix in Australia.

TV Series Are Becoming As Popular and Lucrative As Movies

Watching television series has become so popular that companies like HBO and Netflix have started producing their own shows. Big Hollywood names are opting to act in them. People are not only following them but also creating fan pages and blogs about them.

Just like there were movie buffs in the years past, we now have dedicated fans of television series. Those fans want their daily fix not doled out by the week but right now and right away. For such fans, getting American Netflix in Australia will be a boon.

Netflix is a video streaming site that has a collection of movies and series that it offers to its subscribers. It acquires the license to broadcast them and puts up the whole series up for its viewers. You can watch them one episode at a time or spend the weekend binge-watching a season in one go.

Why Is Getting American Netflix in Australia So Desirable?

Aussie Netflix does offer a number of titles and some of them are exclusive to Australia. However, the collection is no patch on the selection available on the American Netflix. It is a matter of 9000 titles as opposed to a bit over 1200. This is why getting American Netflix in Australia is such a popular quest.

Netflix America has had nearly two decades to establish itself and build its library. It has acquired licenses and broadcasting rights for a large number of shows and movies. In Australia, it has only just begun and the process is slow.

Until the collection in Australia catches up with the American content, Aussies are going to be dissatisfied customers. However, there are ways around the limited content. One of the easiest ways is Unblock-Us.

What is Unblock-Us?

Unblock-Us is a smart VPN service that makes Netflix think you are actually inside the US. Netflix is a traveller-friendly product and allows you to access American content if you are physically in the US. Unblock-Us helps you do it without actually having to travel.

How Netflix knows where you are is through your IP address. Whenever you use a device to connect to the internet, your device gets a unique code that contains information about your physical location. That is your IP address.

Your IP address is sent to the website you are visiting by your DNS server. This is what allows you to type the website name instead of having to memorise its IP and typing it out.

Unblock-Us has its own DNS server that masks your IP address and reroutes you through to Netflix with an American IP. Because Netflix believes you are now physically in the US, it redirects you to the American Netflix library.

With Unblock-Us, getting American Netflix in Australia is as simple as setting up an account. At a meagre price of $5, you can access the Netflix library of any country it offers its service in!


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fred - February 18, 2016

if i get american netflix do i cancel my australian netflix


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