How To Watch American Netflix in Australia

The much awaited Australian Netflix has finally arrived in Australia to mixed reviews. A major grouse of the Australia viewer is the truncated list of titles available. Netflix launched with only some one thousand odd titles in Australia, as compared to 9000 in the USA. Because of this, this article will give you the perfect solution to question how to watch American Netflix in Australia.

The rights for showcasing any series in a new country are slow to come by due to procedural formalities. The list is likely to keep growing in the coming months. However, for those who wish to view a wider selection offered to the American audience, it is a frustrating wait. There are ways, though, through which one can get access to the American listings too.

Netflix Is the Go to Solution for the Viewers of Today

Nowadays, people have busy schedules and cannot work their lives around TV show times. Many rarely watch their favourite shows on TV because they have the option of streaming their shows online. Netflix application is one of the most popular choices for viewers, since it provides season-wise listings of shows.

Registered members don’t even have to keep a track of the episodes they have watched. The personalised services provided by Netflix ensure you can view your programme from the last time you stopped watching.

How Does Netflix Identify Your Location

Netflix works by identifying the country of origin through the DNS settings of the individuals. The IP address of each online user has a distinctive code identifying their country. This is the crucial obstacle in figuring out how to watch American Netflix in Australia.

Netflix offers its services based on the IP address of its customer. Once they identify your IP address as belonging to a certain country, they will allow you access to the content available only for that country.

For instance a person from a country where Netflix is not yet launched will not able to access the Netflix services. The Netflix server will identify the country from the person’s IP address and block them from viewing any listings.

How to Watch American Netflix in Australian

Nevertheless, there are ways of masking your actual IP address and superimposing another country’s IP address to your Netflix account connection. This process is called geo-unblocking. This is a fool proof way on how to watch American Netflix in Australia.

You are provided with a DNS code which allows you to view the database of any Netflix account, no matter the country. In effect, your geographical location will be cleverly concealed and a different country will show up on your IP address.

If you are worried about hunting for ways in which you can mask your DNS, don’t be. Unblock-Us is an excellent product designed just for making this process of how to watch American Netflix in Australia simpler for you.

All you need to do is register with Unblock-Us for their free 7 day trial and test the product for yourself. If you are satisfied, you can subscribe to their services for a small amount of $5 per month.


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